Cold be hand and heart and bone

Carol | 21 | Scotland, UK

Bone collector, bird watcher, amateur taxidermist, RSPB volunteer, flower presser, skeleton articulator, wildlife photographer, chicken keeper, gardener

The Tibia to my Fibula

sittaeuropaea and twofacetoo you’re eejits


Taxidermy rook on a sheep skull. Going to be doing a free give away for this soon so watch this space. #rook #crow #taxidermy #northwest taxidermy #free give away


The infrastructure bill seeks to reclassify extinct species as non-native, and prevent them from returning.

Can any more destructive and regressive measures be crammed into one piece of legislation? Already, the infrastructure bill, which, as time goes by, has ever less to do with infrastructure, looks like one of those US monstrosities into which a random collection of demands by corporate lobbyists are shoved, in the hope that no one notices…


In case anyone outside of Glasgow was wondering what the weather here is like currently.


The 3D on this thing is unreal.

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If you insist on collecting bird parts you’re not supposed to have, fine. After all, there’s not a special league of cops looking for people who do this shit


Don’t post about it in the VC tag!

Don’t upload pictures to tumblr!

Don’t upload pictures anywhere! 

Don’t shout to the heavens that you own something illegal, because if someone doesn’t like your hobby, they have something to report you for

and the police will follow up that report 


"hey i’m really full do you want the rest of my-"


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you can make this song sound however you like it - i’m still gonna hATE IT JFC

oh man i’m cringing already


i’ve had multiple people ask how i go about cleaning the bones i find, and all i really did was google a bunch of shit, lol. but this is my favorite website and the best lil key thingy i’ve come across!!! happy huntin

If you like it so much, why not add a SOURCE, a ten-year old boy from Scotland made this table; give him some credit!

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I know lots of my customers are actually followers on my blog so I figured that I’d post a bit of an update in terms of what I’ve been working on. All of these items will be listed properly tomorrow once I can take some nice photos in natural light! All of these are pendants for necklaces, etc.

  • Antique wire-wrapped badger claw and fur totem bottle pair
  • Roe deer tooth (wire wrapped)
  • Pheasant feather charm
  • Small crab claw (wire wrapped)
  • Crab claw specimen bottle
  • Victorian livestock phalange (wire wrapped)
  • Victorian clay pipe piece (wire wrapped)

If any of these sound interesting to you and you want to make a deal, please let me know. Otherwise they’re all being put on Etsy tomorrow.

Everyone go buy hrokr's lovely stuff!


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